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    What does a subscription include?

    A subscription to EnfuseForRealEstatePhotography.com includes access to Simon Maxwell's complete video class on Enfuse and a download link for the book in PDF format. The subscription fee is a one-time payment. After subscribing you then have unlimited streaming access to all the videos for as long as you want. Note that these videos work well on any of your devices that have internet access: SmartPhones, Tablets, Laptops or Desktops. For a Table of Contents of the video class click here.

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    Are These Videos Downloadable or Available on DVD?

    No, this video series is not sold on a DVD, but each video is downloadable so you could easily download all the videos and create your own DVD. If we sold a DVD it would be much harder to sell all over the world as we now do.

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    LR/Enfuse Plugin Technical Issues

    Users occasionally have questions about the LR/Enfuse plugin. We can't provide technical support for the Enfuse plugin because we are just another user, not a co-developer. However, the following is offered as a trouble shooting guide for the Enfuse plugin:

    If the Enfuse plugin has been running fine for a while then there is no reason to suppose there is anything wrong with it: the problem may lie with Lightroom  and your Mac or Windows operating system, plus your actual hardware, including external drive if you use one : these elements are subject to a many more variables. From my amateur perspective and experience of using Enfuse, I do not believe that a) it is a massively complex piece of software, or b) that as a piece of software it fails. The few glitches I have had while using it have all been resolved by adjusting other variables first. So, in order to troubleshoot, it’s a good idea to take the following steps:

    To be double sure : Download the Enfuse plug-in again Locate the Lightroom plug-ins folder and delete your existing Enfuse plugin and reinstall the plugin. Run Enfuse on a sample series of images and be sure to set Enfuse to add a suffix to the file with something like _test (do not use hyphens) so that it will be reimported into Lightroom (if run previously on the same images and the enfused filename is not set to be a little different then it will not be imported if Lightroom is set to ignore duplicate files on import).

    Set Lightroom to Optimise Catalog  (you can set this in Preferences to run the next time Lightroom closes); the process can take a couple of hours depending on the size of your catalogue but is good practice and an important step to cross off the list when isolating faults. Or you could simply create a new catalog and run a few test images (which would be quicker, though I do recommend optimising your main Lightroom catalogue anyway).

    If you store your image files on a separate drive Connected via firewire or USB cable or a USB hub device, then place a folder of images on your main computer hard drive: run Enfuse with a selection of these (again setting the files to be named something different). Very often, the reimport to Lightroom process can be interrupted by faulty communication between an external drive and the main computer and Enfuse comes up with “failed to import" message: insufficiently powered or inferior USB hub devices can be the culprit. Running Enfuse on images stored on the main drive may be successful, in which case disc hardware/ connections may be the problem. Run Enfuse again with images this time placed on the external drive (again set a new on-import file suffix) : set the enfused files to be placed in the same folder as the source files: check the folder for the enfused test file(s) : if the enfused file is listed there but not in Lightroom then Enfuse has clearly run but Lightroom has not reimported the image. If it is not listed, then Enfuse was unable to write to the external disc. To remedy short term, store your source files (and Lightroom catalogue) on your main drive : then replace USB hub/ cables etc. If you can read files OK in Lightroom from your external disc then the disc itself is probably OK. But check the read and write permissions for the disc and repeat.

    If the problem persists then you need to look at more variables: e.g. Did you upgrade to later version of Lightroom/ or download an update and then found the problem began? Try running enfuse in an earlier version of Lightroom (e.g. 5 if you still have it…though most users running  the latest version of Lightroom seem to have no issues). If you are using a very old version of Lightroom (e.g. 3 and below) then consider upgrading to CC. What about your operating system:? Any change of Mac OS or Windows version upgrade can often lead to a few initial issues with third party software. You may need to even reinstall Lightroom in this case: in which case , remember to back up your catalogue!

    I hope that the above is if some help: like many software issues, you need to be logical about the steps you need to take to isolate where the process is getting stuck. I can attest that the Enfuse plugin has proved reliable and robust over the years, and seems to go on working with a large number of Lightroom rethinks. I encourage you to persevere with it.

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    How Does This Video Course Relate To Simon's E-book Of The Same Name?

    This video course is the same material as presented in Simon's book and a downloadable copy of the e-book (in PDF format) is included with this video. Some people find video training easier than learning from a book. This subscription gives you both the book and the video.